Three Dimensional Experiments: Early Prototype


Cards’ experiment:

For our video we decided to use Eames’ game of cards/system to reflect on the themes of isolation, inmobility and imagined space. We built a structure of 200 little cards and we think about using projected type/texture to “activate” the static architectural model. We will be using close up and hopefully the movie will mediate the translation from isolation to imagined and more positive space. Below are a series of detailed photo which explore notion of corridor, maze and isolated space. They are an early start for us to start thinking about the narrative of our little movie/screen-based presentation. More to come soon!

Photo by Xinglin & Caro.


We might have an opportunity (TBC!) in helping the hospital play project’s team to create a physical board game for the Copenhagen Play Festival (May 30th – June 1st 2014). In our previous research, we found that the Institute of Play designed a game kit and one is about creating your own board game. So their kit could help us to design the board game by following the different steps:

  • Pick a board game to modify
  • Think of new ways to play on the board
  • Pick a new goal for the game
  • Create a new core mechanic that defines how players move
  • Write rules
  • Playtest your game

On their webpage, one example shows how someone modified a chess game and made this old fashionned game more physical. The potential board game we create should link with the themes explored in the hospital play project but explore play in a none digital format.

Workshop reference:

Here is an interesting three days workshop at MoMA where the Institute of Play created tools to encourage play-based activities in a working/company context.

Play@MoMA via the Institute of Play.

Game design reference:

In March 1-2nd, 2014’s Barbican Weekender featured designer Usman Haque‘s work Transformer, a game where players battle in the dark to collect tokens with numbers from 0 to 5 and win the game by having the highest mark. Each participant wears a ‘techno-suit’ of lights and sensors.

 by Usman Haque’s work Transformer.

Game venue@Barbican, photo by Xinglin.

Playing the game is about strategy and cooperation as the players only got the lighting for less than 1min but the game lasts for 5 mins so they have to persuade the others to charge for them. Also the players can only use their right hand during the game with made cooperation more important.

This game provides the players with a brand-new experience, just like being inside a computer game, which connects the virtual and real world in an playful way.

Another Game Reference:

Giorgio de Chirico‘s treatment of space inspires game for Playstation 2.

Giorgio de Chrico’s Mystery and Melancholy of a Street (1914).

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