Dreamland: Showcase Video Inspired by Allan Poe’s Poem

For the AHRC Showcase we finished our little film (more details below about it)! In addition to our blog we hope it translates some of our early research but also the ideas of imagined space and isolation, notions we started focusing on. Our approach is quite “poetic” and abstract, we hope it brings a different perspective and understanding of the project which is still early stage. It is presented at the showcase alongside other research from the project’s team. The next step is to start thinking about the first series of talk and workshop starting on the March 26th.

One of the project leader, Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice at the AHRC showcase. Photo via AHRC event.

AHRC showcase event, March 12th 2014. Photo via AHRC event.

Dreamland, on isolation, inmobility, imagined space:

In order to communicate the themes of isolation, immobility and imagined space, we used for the video over 200 grey cards to built an “oppressive” architectural model which features a 1:100 scaled human figure inside the structure. The texture of the grey cards creates a depressing and strong atmosphere with the lonely figure which adds to this feeling.

On a conceptual level, we focus on exploring the theme of imagined space using abstract visual language. We projected words from three paragraphs we selected in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Dreamland onto the architectural structure we created. The poem itself is about an imagined journey, we use it as a metaphor for our imagined space. We tried to play with both the movements of the projector and the camera to strengthen the artistic concept of the poem and also stimulate audience’s imagination for the imagined space pictured in the poem.

We felt the original Dreamland poem needed to be read throughout our film to stimulate the viewer’s imagination so we ask our wonderful classmate Michael to read it for us. Finally, we added some natural sounds which echoe the projected words mixed with one free sample of music by Podington Bear downloaded from Free Music Archive.

Selection of Dreamland by Edgar Allan Poe.


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