Festival of Social Science 2014: Raising Awareness About the AHRC Project

We are very pleased to be able to plan and lead a workshop for the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2014. The event will take place November 3rd and our workshop will aim to raise awareness of the AHRC project and emphasize one of the key aspect of the project which is the visualisation and communication of emotions in hospital context.

AHRC MAY0814_28
Tangible Emotion workshop.

We will re-explore some of the themes from our “Tangible Emotion” workshop and Hospital Heights game at the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2014. Our intervention at the festival is informed by our research about emotion (see all references here) where we started looking at patchwork and quilt as “canvas of emotion”. We hope to engage visitors to create and share with us some of their stories in hospital context in a playful and sensory way. Our idea was to create with the public an ’emoji quilt’ where participants could create their own patch and materialise/express their emotion/story through using different materials. The work will challenge the idea of quilt as we will be using three dimensional material. We are looking at using transparent balls that will be joined/sewed together with thread and hang as a result.

Previous workshop led by Xinglin in another context.

Previous workshop led by Xinglin in another context.

Last year Xinglin led a workshop where she gave transparent acrylic balls to participants for them to describe a kind of weather using different materials. We would like to re-explore this workshop materials by linking it to our ’emoji quilt’ workshop/installation. Quilts are usually made of three layers:

  1. The top fabric
  2. The middle layer: ‘batting’ or ‘insulating’ material
  3. The ‘backing’ material


Three layers of quilt. Source here.

With this in mind, we thought to re-use those three layers structure in a three dimensional way. So each participant would have three transparent balls each, on the first one they would draw, the middle one would hold their story and finally the one in the back would encapsulate some texture materials. We discussed the meaning of those three layers and for example we thought the story should be placed in the middle as it is the piece which hold everything together, or could be something hidden, precious in between the visual materials. This structure also echoes our “tangible emotion” workshop where each side of the box was used for different ways of expressing the participant’s emotion (eg. 1.line drawing, 2.the story, 3.colour composition ect…).

We are thinking using our cards from our game Hospital Heights which feature visuals about hospital context so participant can choose and respond to one of them. This should help to trigger some initial thoughts/stories. On Friday October 10 we have our last workshop where all the network usually meet so we will be sharing for our wrap up our idea and test it with the group.


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